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Skillist aims to revolutionize American resumes through skill-listing instead

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Several companies in Massachusetts have cropped up in hopes of connecting those looking for work with potential employers - Monster being one of them. Sometimes the firm focuses on reducing bias during the hiring process, while others hone in on company culture analysis for applicants.

While other ventures add complimentary services to job hunting, Skillist, a new local startup co-founded by Caroline Fay and Ananth Kasturiraman and based at GSV Labs Boston, is trying to change the very essence of the hiring process — at least for middle-skill jobs.

As its name suggests, Skillist is trying to reinvent the application process by giving priority to the skills job seekers have, turning the one-page, paper-based resume in a “list of skills” that employers can access on the Skillist’s platform. A silver winner among the 2017 MassChallenge cohort, the company launched commercially in April 2018, right after closing a $550,000 pre-seed round led by Flybridge Capital Partners.

“We really help companies with chronically unfilled entry-level jobs to connect with relevant, but often overlooked talent,” Fay explained.

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