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SmashFly debuts new & personalized Content Management System in US

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SmashFly Technologies, in a bid to continue making progress in furthering enterprise recruitment marketing, has recently announced its latest product in the form of a marketing-grade content management system (CMS) to manifest better career sites in less time.

The new functionality was demonstrated at last week's HR Technology Conference, held in Las Vegas.

SmashFly's new CMS enables talent acquisition teams to better control, manage and deliver exceptional career site experiences for prospective talent. The critical benefit of a simple, drag-and-drop content management system is that users can add and update pages and edit copy and content in real-time, internally, without any coding experience. It gives control and ownership to talent acquisition professionals - eliminating the need for external resources or additional budget - which also saves time and money. SmashFly has always focused on helping recruiting teams operate more like marketers, and with the advent of this new CMS the company has raised the bar even further. For a more immersive overview, you can watch SmashFly's product launch video here.

The new features of SmashFly's Career Site solution - part of the SmashFly 18 product launch - include:

  • Templates that help teams create branded pages from scratch
  • Drag-and-drop editors that make building, editing and updating pages easy
  • Dynamic personalization to automatically customize content -- like images, copy, and video -- based on specific triggers, like a visitor's geographic location or the behavior someone exhibited before arriving on a page
  • Live editing capabilities so teams can see what changes look like on any device before publishing
  • A widget library to easily add dynamic page content -- like maps for easier job search by zip code radius or commute time, and LinkedIn Personalization to tailor job recommendations based on a candidate's LinkedIn profile
  • Simple permission workflows to allow admins to control which team members can publish edits
  • Multi-lingual support to easily search for and add new language translation to any site

The launch of SmashFly's new CMS follows the company's recent launch of Emerson, the first AI recruiting assistant fully integrated into a Smart CRM. Emerson also fuels the career site experience, interacting with career site visitors by prompting them to engage and ask questions, and alerting recruiters to jump into the conversation if a high-priority, qualified candidate engages. Among his other capabilities, Emerson also schedules interviews automatically, syncing calendars and sending meeting invites, reminders and follow-ups.

SmashFly CEO Thom Kenney commented, "Easier and smarter are at the core of SmashFly 18. We've advanced our CRM platform with assistive intelligence and streamlined UX to make talent acquisition teams more efficient and the candidate experience more impactful. Fueled by our marketing-grade CMS, recruiters no longer have to rely on external resources and spend more money to propel their company's employer brand on the career site. With SmashFly, they have everything they need at their fingertips."

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