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Social career platform for veterans & spouses launches in the US

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The new web-based social platform that prioritizes candidate references during the hiring process by way of brief video testimonials,, has recently announced that they will be working with major corporations such as Symantec to connect American veterans and their spouses with meaningful employment opportunities.

Veterans and spouses using’s innovative platform are able to engage job listings during pilot testing in key geographic areas, including parts of California, the greater Salt Lake area in Utah, Arizona and parts of the East Coast.

“Veterans seeking better jobs or entering the civilian job market for the first time are able to uniquely engage with hiring managers and recruiters from stellar companies that are hiring veterans on priority,” says David Brennan, CEO of

By leveraging their advocates through short video testimonials early in the hiring process using’s free platform, veteran candidates transcend obstacles that in the past may have caused them to get overlooked. “Hiring managers or recruiters often pass up resumes from veterans as they may not understand the significance of past work due to military jargon, for example,” Brennan adds.’s mission is to help veterans and their spouses find jobs they really want. It does so by putting a job seeker’s advocates (references) first in the hiring process, rather than at the end. Its platform makes it easy to collect short and reusable video testimonials, allowing candidates to apply for jobs with that advocacy at the ready. The upfront approach is convenient for advocates, hiring managers and the job seeker, and removes the need for the old-fashioned telephone reference.

Testimonials on video allow the hiring company to get a strong sense of the candidate’s character and background. To get started, veterans and spouses should go to and create a profile, and then through the platform, invite their advocates to create a short video testimonial. The advocates are provided with question prompts that test both hard and soft skills, and the process takes about five minutes. Once the video testimonial is complete, the veteran engages in new job listings by global companies working with

Companies partnered with are looking for hires in the following areas: California (Cupertino, Los Angeles, Pleasanton, Sacramento and Santa Monica); Austin and Plano, Texas; Draper, Utah; Wilmington, Delaware; Tempe, Arizona; Reston, Virginia; and Burlington, Massachusetts.

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