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Sodexo reveals the 7 global trends that will define work spaces of the future

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

Sodexo, a company specializing in quality of life services, has revealed the conclusions of its report 'Global Workplace Trends 2018', which compiles the seven factors that will most affect the future of work and demonstrates how the Employee Experience is key to increasing business productivity and achieving greater commitment and engagement in employees.

With the automation increasingly integrated into the workplace thanks to the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, the trends identified by Sodexo in the report 'Global Workplace Trends 2018' highlight how the development of human intelligence will guide the impact of technology on people's lives. In the words of Sylvia Metayer, CEO, Worldwide Corporate Services segment, by understanding and anticipating these trends, what is sought is to help companies "more effectively", to plan what is to come, and "experimenting and implementing focused solutions in people and based on experience".

Generation Z, the new HR challenge

2017 was the first year in which Generation Z -also called 'Centennials'- has fully incorporated into the working world. It is the youngest cake so far and has, according to Sodexo, "high expectations about flexibility and the use of new technologies". In addition, the report insists that this generation is "reconfiguring for everyone the way of working in the company" and hence, the importance of their understanding for a better use of their talent. "The effective integration of these newcomers can help create an inclusive environment that allows employees, regardless of their age, to be the best they can be," the study highlights.

The Internet of Things changes the workplace

The work environments that incorporate the Internet of Things constitute "an opportunity to operate and collaborate more efficiently," according to the report. And the experts say that it helps to "improve the comfort of physical spaces and flexibility", as well as the precision in the processes, the efficiency in the administration and the productivity in the offices.

However, as with any other new technology, the IoT world raises a number of concerns for both companies and employees, from privacy issues to security threats. Therefore, organizations that choose to implement IoT solutions "must do so deliberately and intelligently, with the participation of employees," says Sodexo.

Create emotionally intelligent work environments

Emotional intelligence has become a fundamental competence for any leader in an organization. The workplace itself can be, as the experts point out, "emotionally intelligent," allowing people to display the full spectrum of their emotions, and "aligning motivation with their most fundamental needs."

Promoting the collaborative economy

Both employees and companies are reexamining how they use resources, giving rise to an "exchange" or "concert" economy, which avoids traditional ownership to promote maximum efficiency of labor and materials. In practice, the collaborative economy has meant an increase in independent work, as well as the frequent and temporary exchange of material resources such as office spaces and equipment. "This represents an unprecedented opportunity for organizations and individuals alike, from greater agility for companies to a better work-life balance and employee satisfaction," Sodexo emphasizes.

However, workers and companies that participate in the collaborative economy face a series of challenges. "Employees are open to exploitation, while organizations are vulnerable to the risks associated with the exchange of resources," the report reads. However, despite these problems, experts say that "the collaborative economy is here to stay", and forward-looking organizations are redefining their business models to take advantage of its multiple benefits.

The need for greater diversity and gender equality

Companies are examining the barriers that are limiting the advancement of women in order to implement a cultural transformation led by inclusive leaders. "Only in this way will they be able to ensure a work environment that is sensitive to differences and with a fair gender balance at all levels of the organization," reveals the study Global Workplace Trends 2018.

"For much of the recent past, companies have taken an approach aimed at improving diversity in the workforce, particularly when it comes to addressing gender imbalances in teams, now with a growing awareness of the challenges they face. women in the workplace, and because of the important value that diversity brings, the approach to be adopted must go beyond the numbers and results, but to instill a true sense of belonging and inclusion," says Sodexo.

Enhance talent management 3.0

Companies are increasingly aware that improving the experience of employees can increase performance and profits. For this reason, the approach of Talent Management 3.0 brings together all available technologies and solutions (in training, recognition, well-being, etc.) to "transform the work experience into a life experience". Hence the Human Capital Management (HCM) 3.0 solutions are key to offering a new level of disruptive innovation, based on the "architecture of choice" and a philosophy of integrated experience even more complex.

Incorporate employees into the corporate social responsibility strategy

Employees have become a key player in corporate efforts for sustainability and corporate responsibility. "Now it is essential that they give them a voice that allows them to feel fulfilled in their social and environmental concerns," Sodexo says, which also indicates that "this will help to jointly build a better future for all."

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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