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Steady, the US workforce startup backed by Shaq and funded for $9M

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An Atlanta startup geared towards the aid of "nontraditional workers" in the ever-roiling economy has caught the eye of several major backers during its funding round - one of which being Shaquille O'Neal, former and titanic NBA player.

Steady, an “income-building” platform that provides workers in the gig economy with flexible on-demand jobs and financial services that fit their needs, has raised $9 million in Series A financing round led by Propel Venture Partners.

Steady helps “alternative workers”—including those looking to supplement full-time jobs, those who work part-time and those who prefer the flexibility of multiple forms of work. That broad group of workers accounts for about 70 million people in the U.S. workforce today, according to the company’s CEO Adam Roseman. This workforce is challenged to find multiple pieces of income, find career advancement and even allocate benefits like paid time off, which is where Steady comes in, he said.

“Steady’s entire mission is to serve as an advocate to this population and provide them with the tools that are necessary for them to have a much better experience than they’re having today,” he said.

With Steady, the alternative worker will be able to find supplemental opportunities, track their earnings, find insurance through a discounted marketplace and see how other workers in their area are building their careers, Roseman said.

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