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Syft gives UK workers week’s worth of arrears following payment issues

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Syft, the flexible staffing platform, will be giving their workers half a fortnight's worth of wages in arrears following payment issues where a paycheck was either inaccurate or simply not received at all.

Workers were previously paid weekly for the week they had just worked.

The payment issues came to light in a recent email sent to Recruiter. A part-time worker on the platform complained of not being paid properly. Within the email was an attachment with a message from Syft founder and CEO Jack Beaman in which he acknowledged the following issues:

  • Clients not returning timesheets promptly, while on occasion Syft has been unable to pay certain clients’ shifts on time due to not having the required information.
  • Clients shortening worker hours or adding breaks that weren’t taken, resulting in messages contesting pay/hours.
  • Discrepancies between what is shown in-app versus payslip hours.
  • Workers being unable to get P60s and P45s without contacting Syft’s support team.

When contacted by Recruiter, Beaman revealed these issues first arose in May, as the summer event season began in earnest and Syft started supplying larger numbers of worker to clients. The sheer volume of temporary workers resulted in clients being unable to process timesheets to meet Syft’s weekly deadline. This stemmed from some clients using an alternative timesheet processing system to Syft’s system.

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