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Tate Digital debuts new recruitment platform for Manchester start-ups

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Manchester has recently seen the release of a new recruitment platform designed specifically for startups in the city and high-growth companies. The service is subscription-based and was incepted by Tate Digital, who stated that they did this in order to avoid "extortionate fees" while maintaining flexibility.

“The tech industry in Manchester is booming right now. The worker bee symbol seen across the city is reflected in the hive of activity we’re seeing from Manchester’s high-growth startups. At Tate Digital, we want to help expand that activity by providing companies with a platform to find the best marketing and digital people who will help scale their businesses,” commented Joel Fletcher, Director of Tate Digital.

Tate Digital sees the platform as an avenue for filling the niche of discovering the best in marketing and digital staff.

“Our aim is to not only help businesses find the staff they need, but also to help attract talented marketing and digital professionals to the city of Manchester,” added Masa Prastalo, Digital Partnerships Manager.

“We’re also engaging with the Manchester community to help them find the roles they’ve always wanted. As companies grow in the city, our people will grow too. It’s an exciting time to be involved within the Manchester startup scene. In a few years time, who knows how huge this city could become!”

Tate Digital is the place where highly creative, talented people find jobs with the fastest growing startups in Manchester. From UX designer to social media managers, this company finds users a job that goes beyond the grind of the usual nine to five. Tate Digital helps grow a career at the same rapid pace as the budding startup scene in Manchester.

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