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The ALGUIEN multi-platform search engine wants to connect to all of Latin America

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Alguien - 'Someone' in English - is a search engine created by Bolivian entrepreneur Ariel Valverde with the intention of simplifying the needs to find objects, employment or even people, as well as boost the collaborative economy in his native Bolivia and the rest of Latin America.

The platform currently has six categories that are: Someone Knows (for everyday questions), Someone Wants (for offers of products and services), Someone Has (search for products and services), Someone Can (job board), Someone Has Seen (a wall of missing for people, pets, lost objects), and Someone Has Eaten (food recommendations).

Founder Ariel Valverde explains to Forbes Central America that the investment to carry out ALGUIEN has been $60,000 between design, web development, development of the IOS and Android app and the security of the platform.

Valverde believes that the success of the platform has to do with "an intelligent link algorithm in which the platform crosses the person who for example is looking to buy a van with the person who is offering to sell his truck with this approach to that you can set up a business more quickly."

ALGUIEN claims 16,000 users since it officially came out in Bolivia, while the Someone Know category is the most used because in this category daily questions are asked.

The entrepreneur says that ALGUIEN's plans are focused on launching the platform throughout South America, as well as promoting the ecosystem of services oriented to the collaboration and hopes to expand to the rest of the Americas and Europe in the long-term.

To achieve the above in Latin America and Europe, Valverde explains that his platform will arrive in Colombia in June of this year, while waiting for October may be available in Mexico.

"We believe that the Mexican market is very important in the region and we are sure that it is the one that will prepare us to take the biggest leaps we want for the platform," says the Latin American entrepreneur.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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