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Oxford University uses TuskTasks app as new student job portal

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Enterprising students at Oxford Brookes and Oxford University started a task-sharing service as of April 2018 in hopes of “bringing communities together.”

Named TuskTasks, this service will bring students together with members of the Oxford community to help the public with errands and jobs that the public can’t.

Anyone can list whatever errands they need done, alongside a price they’re willing to pay, and in their spare time, students can grab these tasks as they wish.

Posts are often picked up very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes according to Michael Hodnett, co-founder of TuskTasks and finalist at Brookes in real estate management.

Hodnett says TuskTasks is already at 201 users. “The idea came when I was lying in bed thinking how much I needed money, and how I was going to make it,” Hodnett said.

What began as Hodnett doing tasks and errands for his friends and family grew into the idea of working for other people outside his circle of friends.

“So I set out to try and create a platform to connect people who need help with students who need work.”

Not only does Hodnett realize how important finding student’s work is through TuskTask, he also hopes it’ll help bring the surrounding Oxford closer.

“There seems to be a lot of negativity towards students within university towns and as such we wanted to paint students in a better light. Students do drink and party – sometimes – but they also work incredibly hard and can be a very reliable taskforce.

“The platform is about helping one another. Helping the students earn money, while they are helping you.”

Hodnett also hopes this lessens the impact of what he calls ‘studentification’ or the impact that a large student population can have when arriving at a city.

Director of TuskTasks platform Saam Medizadeh says, “It gives students a chance to bring communities together, reduce the friction between communities and students and have people realize that students can help out.”

Right now TuskTasks is only a website, but the developers are expecting to turn the product into an app by the end of the year.

Hodnett says, “This is the perfect way for students to make money as and when they need it, without having to commit to a regular job that affects their studies-and if we can give students a chance, I’m sure everyone will be surprised.”

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