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UK: Brigad’s on-demand staffing platform expands to London

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One of the top tier employment marketplaces for the hospitality and catering businesses, Brigad, recently showed off their new program in London. Brigad hopes to take on the main problems that new employees face using an easy and dynamic solution by linking companies with experienced and accomplished candidates quickly.

Since it began in 2016, Brigad has given the restaurant, bar, and catering industries quick connections to highly experience and scrutinized employees for shifts that can last just a few days or even a few hours. Nearly 90% of inquiries are answered in only five minutes or less, and the program has Fauchon Receptions in Paris and Kayser in Lyon as HR partners for over 1,000 locations. Since launch Brigad has finished over 2,000 shifts through their platform.

Companies and customers using Brigad in Longdon can now use their website or app to utilize the fully adjustable work platform. Brigad focuses a great deal on the entire process by choosing and contacting every Brigad user, and making sure businesses are saving money and time. Brigad also takes care of invoices and payouts for both sides.

“The demand for staff is guaranteed to rise in London, with the likely fallout from Brexit expected to create a deficit of more than a million workers by 2029. Pressure on recruitment coupled with the natural turnover of the catering sector, are key factors for Brigad’s decision to launch in London” says Florent Malbranche, co-founder and CEO of Brigad. “By removing the middleman and connecting establishments directly to professional workers, we aim to help businesses manage one of the main operational costs burdening the catering and hospitality industry.”

Those looking for work through Brigad will also profit from its adjustability to pick and choose where and when to work, including from several shifts found right on the app. Brigad also handles pretty much everything the user need, including ensuring payment within seven days after the shift ends or invoice is received.

“We believe that Brigad sits at the intersection of freelance and permanent contracts. Whilst permanent staff are an asset to any organisation, there is always a requirement for temporary freelancers to counter short-term absence, increased business activity or a lack of experience amongst current staff. Brigad provides the ideal environment for establishments to interact with an experienced ecosystem of freelancers,’’ concludes Florent Malbranche, co-founder and CEO of Brigad.

Since its founding Brigad has raised €6 million from investors from companies like Square Capital and 50 Partners.

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