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UK: Perkbox & Boxx partner to aid businesses in establishing employee flexibility and wellbeing

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The fastest growing employee benefits platform in the UK, Perkbox, has recently announced a partnership with Boxx, a paid-for subscription service providing world class workouts, for Perkbox users to be able to exercise at any time and place of their choosing at no cost.

Through research on stress, depression, and anxiety, it's apparent how much of an effect it not only has on the average citizen - but of course, in turn, employees and their wellbeing. Furthermore, businesses and companies have been pushing harder than ever for maximized efficiency and productivity among workers ("doing more with less").

This latest initiative on Perkbox's part is yet another display of their company's mission and hope to aid the diverse population of workers financially, physically, and emotionally through their platform. They recognize the difficulties of modern people who struggle to manage taking care of themselves when they're consumed with work, especially in regards to exercise, and Perkbox and Boxx assert that the solution to this issue comes down to flexibility. If someone is struggling to fit time in their daily routine, then simply give them more.

Boxx's focuses relies on workout routines including boxing, HIIT/cardio, strength training, and yoga, with all of its routines taught by world-class instructors and reliant on little to no equipment. Plus, they're available both on and offline.

Chieu Cau, Co-founder and CMO of Perkbox, commented:

“The most committed employees try and  schedule their workouts during the day - at lunchtime or in the morning before they come in - but, who are we kidding? Most of us end up pushing this ‘task’ to the end of our working days or weekends and then lack the motivation to actually make it happen. Yet, exercising has the power to boost mental and physical wellbeing in unimaginable ways. It’s a great way to unwind from the stresses of work and as employers we should be doing more to encourage it. That’s the idea behind this new partnership - we want to help businesses achieve this."

Meanwhile Anna Samuels, Boxx's Co-founder, added:

“In this increasingly busy world, it’s becoming harder than ever to fit physical exercise into our daily schedules. Yet precisely for this reason, it’s never been more important to stay active so as to counteract stress and improve overall health. With this extremely exciting partnership we hope to make exercise more accessible and achievable to employees, boosting the overall mental and physical wellbeing of this powerful community of users that is Perkbox."

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