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UK’s Transformify & Volunteer4India announce new recruiting partnership

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UK-based recruitment CRM, Transformify, has recently announced a new partnership with social enterprise Volunteer4India in an expansion effort.

Through an India-specific go-to-market strategy to mobilize CSR funds around 'Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills'- listed under Section 135 of the Company Affairs Act, 2013, and to promote diversity recruitment among corporate, Volnteer4India will support Transformify's mandate to reach corporate to help them access an India-wide skilled talent pool of under-addressed resources.

Gender diversity remains a top priority for many businesses in India. Workforce diversity is directly linked to the corporate culture, financial performance and social responsibility goals. In a survey conducted by LinkedIn on the global recruiting trends, 81% of the leaders stated that diversity recruitment had a heavy impact on their hiring strategies. At the same time, the HR leaders pointed out the challenges they face in accessing a diverse talent pool and building a diverse workforce.

The CEO of Transformify, Lilia Stoyanov, said, "We are pleased to work with Volunteer4India to help socially responsible organizations in India access an under-addressed talent pool. Enabling diversity hiring has a tremendous positive impact on the society as it increases the purchasing power, revitalizes the local communities and creates opportunities for people in need."

Ranjoy Dey, CEO, Volunteer4India said, "We are pleased to extend Volunteer4India capabilities to help Transformify bring an ability-diverse talent pool that has mostly remained outside the ambit of corporate hiring efforts. Through our efforts, we aim to strengthen the inclusive growth and diversity hiring in collaboration with the corporate, HR community, employment forums, government bodies, and the social sector that are strategically synergized for meeting the skilling targets and bridging the skill gap between the industry and workforce."

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