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Understanding Google’s new job search changes in India

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In a bid to improve the job search experience, Google has changed up the platform in India by allowing users to browse listings from multiple portals at the same time through its search feature.

Users can now search by entering the job section, then adding the title of the industry or desired position. For instance, now, when searching for "data analysts", Jobs created a list of vacancies within the parameters of the city of choice on one side of the page, while the other side provided details on "specific postings selected by the user" that grants them the ability to discover more about the job in question and what skills are necessary for it.

When a job in question is selected to be applied for, the link simply redirects to the original opening - so, for instance, a position found on Google Jobs from LinkedIn will route back to the LinkedIn site, where the user will then log in and continue as usual.

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