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US: Bullhorn improves partner ecosystem for better recruiter productivity

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The cloud computing company that aids in staffing and recruitment organizations' business transformation, Bullhorn, has recently improved the expanse of its partner ecosystem. The latest change brought about better integration with multiple key partners through the growth of the Marketplace and Developer Partner programs, and the venture intends on seeing this investment help in delivering a stronger and more fortified experience for its users.

Over the past few months, many Bullhorn partners, including CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster, have worked with Bullhorn to enhance their integrations:

  • CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder has fully integrated its CareerBuilder Employment Screening tool into the Bullhorn ATS. CareerBuilder continues to work on improving recruiter efficiency with enhancements such as incorporating accuracy improvements with deep learning in the Textkernel Extract resume parsing integration, and upgrading semantic candidate sourcing and matching functionality with Textkernel Match in Bullhorn.
  • LinkedIn: Bullhorn plans to integrate with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC). This will allow recruiters to get a more up-to-date and full view of a candidate from their LinkedIn profile, and access InMails and LinkedIn Recruiter notes within Bullhorn. Recruiters will also be able to filter and prioritize candidates by viewing applicant information within LinkedIn Recruiter. Additionally, Bullhorn’s implementation of LinkedIn’s Easy Apply makes it more seamless for candidates to complete their application, and for customers to collect applications in Bullhorn.
  • Monster: Monster has increased the scope of integrated and mobile solutions available to Bullhorn clients, developing a more intuitive candidate application experience and leveraging its semantic knowledge base to proactively match those candidates to job openings within Bullhorn. Automated matches are seamlessly served to recruiters, allowing for immediate mass communication and a more efficient process.

The most extensive recruitment-centric ecosystem in the industry, the Bullhorn Marketplace - Bullhorn’s partner program - has significantly advanced over the past year. Technology partners can seamlessly integrate with both Bullhorn and Bullhorn for Salesforce via robust application programming interfaces (APIs). As a result, Bullhorn’s software-as-a-service-based partner ecosystem provides staffing and recruiting firms with the tools they need to increase their efficiencies, streamline their operations, and maximize their productivity.

Highlights of advancements in the Marketplace include:

  • New text, chat, and mass communication tools such as TextUs, TextRecruit, and FlashRecruit, and new voice over internet protocol providers such as 8x8 and Gamma joining the Marketplace.
  • New candidate experience tools such as Volcanic, new automated customer outreach tools such as Salesfusion, and new candidate and contractor engagement platforms such as Sense graduating from Bullhorn’s Developer Program and joining the Marketplace.
  • Existing partner Herefish developing new workflow automation, new text and email capabilities, and features to help with General Data Protection Regulation compliance for eurozone customers.
  • The addition of new partner categories, including those for scheduling and managing talent pools, such as Shiftboard.
  • Rapid adoption of innovative solutions such as automated searching from SourceBreaker.

Bullhorn has also significantly expanded its Developer Partner Program for incubating new technologies. The program now boasts 35 developer partners that are building initial integrations and testing their technology and market fit before advancing to become Marketplace partners. Through this program, Bullhorn allows emerging technologies and innovative newcomers to build repeatable, off-the-shelf integrations while still ensuring a higher level of vetting and confidence with its Marketplace program. The Developer Partner Program includes providers of artificial intelligence, screening automation, advanced matching, candidate relationship monitoring, and talent assessment.

“Bullhorn prides itself on having the industry’s most innovative partner ecosystem that fosters innovation across the recruitment industry,” said Bullhorn’s vice president of alliances and business development, Nina Eigerman. “With the significant momentum that we’ve achieved, we’ll be able to deliver even more cutting-edge solutions to staffing and recruiting firms via both our own extensible platform and the platform. Bullhorn’s products are built specifically for how recruiting professionals work, and we’re looking forward to enhancing how our partner ecosystem helps recruiting professionals achieve their goals and grow their firms.”

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Edited by K. Fanning

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