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Entelo Search release creates diversity and reduces hiring bias in U.S.

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Recruiting automation platform Entelo has recently announced the release of their newest upcoming capability for Entelo Search, entitled Unbiased Sourcing Mode. This new tool gives users the ability to hide any data in hiring profiles that may lead to conscious or unconscious bias during the vetting process, and allows hiring based on merit alone.

“Even when people have the best of intentions, unconscious bias can still creep in,” said Head of Recruiting at, Erica Waichman. "Entelo's Unbiased Sourcing Mode takes intention out of the equation and applies technology to effectively surface the best candidates based solely on qualifications. It reminds and enables us to keep our biases in check well beyond the sourcing stage. We find it to be a very useful tool as we strive to ensure a diverse range of voices throughout our growing our company."

Entelo, having already released the name and photo anonymization proficiency at the beginning of this, have started to evolve that technology and push untainted sourcing. By using their Unbiased Sourcing Mode, Entelo's clients can change different regular biases and make them anonymous. Options to filter out include names, photos, gender pronouns, school names and experiences, employment history gaps, and age bias. Those looking to hire on new employees just choose which filters they'd prefer before searching. Using Unbiased Sourcing Mode allows those hiring to discover the top employees for whatever they may need while making sure every potential employee has a fair chance.

“Unconscious bias is difficult to mitigate because it’s tough to know when and where it’s taking place,” said Senior Product Manager for Search & Envoy at Entelo, Elena Sigacheva. “We can unconsciously prefer candidates just because they look familiar, sound familiar, remind us of ourselves, or remind us of people who are successful in our field. By focusing on the qualifications that matter for a particular job, and removing those that don’t, Entelo adds another layer of value to intelligent candidate sourcing. We are helping companies minimize unconscious bias in a standardized way across an entire organization to encourage more diverse, inclusive, and productive work environments.”

Furthermore, Entelo has created better ease in the hiring process for hiring managers - they will now be able to access the platform via the new Hiring Manager Review list, a tool that adds efficiency to the candidate reviewing process to allow for stronger partnership between recruiters and managers. The Hiring Manager Review feature also includes Unbiased Sourcing Mode functionality in order to minimize unconscious bias.

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