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US Global Healthcare Services launches recruitment platform for healthcare services

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Housed in Ohio, executive search platform Global Healthcare Services newly discovered a new movement within their industry, hospitals and healthcare facilities were struggling to keep employees. Everyone from basic staff to higher level leaders, turnover for the year could be upwards of 20% just in the past handful of years.

GHS saw an opportunity to implement a recruitment platform called IRIS (Intuitive Recruitment Information System). The new platform offers healthcare employers an evidence-based, intuitive recruitment management system generating predictable outcomes with up to a 96 percent retention rate on new employees.

“We realized that hospitals were hiring candidates based on skills, experience and presentation in the interview,” said Roy Munk, president of GHS. “However, when these employees resigned or were terminated, it was almost always for behavioral issues or a bad cultural fit. So, they are hiring on one set of parameters, but terminating on an entirely different set. IRIS has fixed this gap while saving our clients time and money in the process.”

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