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US Hired announces it raised $30M in another round of fundraising

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A job search business, Hired, recently declared that it just finished raising $30 million through Series D funding that was led by Investment Management Corporation of Ontario. In a recent post on their blog, Hired's CEO Mehul Patel recently stated that with their newly raised funding they have now reached over $130 million in funds.

“Our mission is to get everyone a job they love, and that starts with offering the right services to our customers,” wrote Patel. “We’re doing that by making key hires to support our product and sales team, investing in our community of talent, and continuing to introduce innovative products that provide our customers with a predictable hiring pipeline —all while increasing productivity through data-based hiring insights. With our latest round of funding, we’re excited to increase the pace of those efforts.”

In addition to announcing the $30 million fundraising, Hired said it brought on John Kelly as senior vice president of revenue, who will oversee its revenue goals and a new subscription service it is launching. The CEO said Kelly has more than 25 years of executive leadership experience.

With the new subscription service, the company gets hiring predictability and the ability to more quickly hire candidates, which it said reduces the cost of any empty seat. Hired said that, since offering subscriptions last year, customers have seen “great results.” Patel said that, among the candidates on its platform, more than 95 percent respond to an interview request from a company and close to two-thirds agree to interview with the hiring company. What’s more, most candidates respond within 24 hours with the average time to hire being 25 days.

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