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US: iSolved offers new workforce insight with people analytics

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The comprehensive human capital platform that supplies dynamic analytics and capabilities, like quick report building for better business performance and productivity in the workforce, iSolved, has recently debuted a new platform.

iSolved's powerful reporting transforms the way forward-thinking organizations manage and use their people data. Having all people data originating from one source ensures everyone from human resources to frontline supervisors to executives have access to the critical data they need, when they need it.

iSolved also includes over 200 pre-built, commonly used reports, with configuration capabilities, multiple filtering options and specific group reporting to drill down and provide relevant data for functions or departments. Reports are available in real-time and point-in-time for further flexibility, which allows managers and supervisors to track employees who are currently at work, or to plan ahead for scheduling.

Supervisors will appreciate the available reports that offer insights into their workforce and departments, such as company-assigned assets, departmental employee turnover, and schedule tracking. HR team members can monitor workforce metrics to track and report trends, opportunities, and changes that impact the decision-making process. The functionality also allows users to create their own customized reports with simplified point-and-click building options.

With access to vital payroll, benefits and time information, organizations can make data-driven decisions faster. Trends emerge sooner, and data can be viewed across the entire organization. iSolved makes it easier to keep track of the pulse of the organization with data available at-a-glance on executive and supervisory dashboards.

Additional features include year-end forms and documents, user-friendly and simple customized report creation, tax information for employees, summary reports for senior-level executives, and tracking of trends within the company. When the data remains in a single system, the need for importing/exporting or duplicate data entry across disparate systems is eliminated.

Analytics are crucial in today's competitive and heavily regulated environment. With access to important people information, available at any time, leaders and supervisors know what's happening, as it happens, allowing for quick reactions, improving an organization's turnover, job opportunities, business performance, and identifying the factors that impact productivity and employee satisfaction.

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