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US: Talentegy updates acclaimed chatbot for improved talent analytics

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The AI-powered talent analytics platform that aids HR teams in in recruitment and talent management, Talentegy, has recently announced the debut of their chatbot for better talent analytics. The chatbot will produce better engagement for its users through immediate and effortless candidate and employee communication within the company.

Multiple industry studies show candidates and employees are clearly dissatisfied with application and hiring processes and internal self-service tasks. Talentegy’s multi-channel Chatbot instantly improves candidate and employee experience by engaging users on demand. It can be used to answer basic questions, guide candidates through a job search, help employees complete a performance review, ask for feedback to make improvements, actively re-engage users back into the process or even automate complex tasks such as scheduling interviews. And when the Chatbot can’t fulfill on the answers, users can be asked to be handed off to a human, connecting instantly through live chat, email or via direct integration with internal support systems.

Top talent wants to have personalized, familiar experiences. They have a higher experiential benchmark set by the fact they are also online consumers who have these resources readily available. Allowing active engagement, accessibility and communication into the process gives users the flexibility to drive their own interactions. A Chatbot can also reduce repetitive and administrative tasks in recruitment or HR service delivery.

Talentegy’s Chatbot is immediately available as part of the overall Talentegy Platform and will receive regular feature updates designed to further improve its capabilities for both recruiting and talent management functions.

“Candidates and employees are largely frustrated with their experiences with employers today,” said Dwaine Maltais, CEO of Talentegy. “As HR continues to accelerate their digital transformation it’s critical that there’s a focus on driving positive experiences across all aspects of recruiting and talent management. With the launch of our Chatbot, Talentegy ensures that companies can both measure every experience and actively engage with users in real-time, at scale and in a highly personalized fashion.”

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