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US: WebClipDrop rebrands as ZAPinfo and secures $1.25M in funding

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Previously known as WebClipDrop, is a 2016 startup founded by entrepreneurs Doug Berg, Peter Brasket, and Evan Carothers, and has recently announced the compleition of a seed round of $1.25 million from venture capital firms. The capital will be put towards growing market shares, accelerating productive innovation, and spurning expansion of partnerships in the sectors of recruiting and marketing automation areas.

ZAPinfo is led by serial entrepreneur Doug Berg, who has been one of the most successful startup executives in the Midwest with several winning startups including MyAlerts and Jobs2Web; the latter was acquired by SAP in 2011.

The ZAPinfo tool and platform helps recruiting and sales professionals automate many of their daily tasks, simplifying and speeding the process of capturing, enriching and sharing information across the web and making the transfer of info between talent technology applications as easy as a few clicks (without long and expensive integrations.) As a result, ZAPinfo saves them hours of time daily and eliminates many manual tasks associated with recruiting and selling.

Participating in the funding round were Rally Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures, and Great North Labs.

While companies have invested significantly in CRM platforms, marketing automation technology and recruiting and employment platforms, these platforms can only add value once data is inside of them.

Recruiters and sales professionals work across dozens of websites daily such as search engines, social networks, lead generation sites, directories, etc. and still find it time consuming and difficult to capture information, enrich and find direct contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, social identities, etc.., and bring the info into the CRM or hiring applications they use to track and initiate engagement with candidates and prospects.

ZAPinfo solves this problem making it easy every part of the recruiting and sales process “1-click easy,” by helping users to instantly ZAP any contact into their browser clipboard. ZAPinfo will enrich that contact by finding direct contact information such as their email address, resume and social profile information. With one-click, ZAPinfo will send the data into a company’s CRM, ATS, marketing applications, or any web-based application. Friction is eliminated in the time-consuming, complex process and companies can maximize and measure their investments in paid recruiting, social network, sourcing and lead/contact systems where an easy way to measure the ROI of their expenses didn’t previous exist.

ZAPinfo has been rapidly adopted by over thousands of users who are already using the tool daily. Because it’s instantly compatible with most search engines, job boards, social networks, CRM, applicant tracking, HR and marketing platforms, users get the benefit of using the platform immediately. Provided to individual and enterprise users via a subscription-based pricing model that includes unlimited “Zapping” of information in and out of web applications, it also includes data enrichment for zapped contacts where ZAPinfo also finds the direct contact email, social, and contact information for every contact. Hours are saved doing research. Data cleaning, combining and activation is made easier.

“Many employers and staffing firms are using ZAPinfo for their entire recruiting teams, especially where they have low web application adoption due to difficult to use forms and interfaces. ZAPinfo not only eliminates many of the manual and time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process, saving hours of time per day which recruiters can use to focus on relationships and getting results, helping to maximize recruiter efficiency and investments in sourcing sites, along with getting more and richer data into their applications,” said Doug Berg, CEO of ZAPinfo.

Elaine Orler, CEO of talent acquisition consulting firm Talent Function, says, “Focused on recruiting technology for the last 20 years, I'm always looking for new innovation to support recruiters. ZAPinfo bridges a gaping hole that recruiting teams have faced for years, by eliminating the daily grind of duplicate data entry across multiple systems.”

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